GM is the Top Automotive Innovator

GM isn’t the only automotive manufacturer out there creating new automotive innovations. But what many people may not know is that GM is the best automotive innovator! According to the U.S. Patent Board General Motors is the number one automotive innovator for the fourth consecutive quarter, out of a total of one hundred and eighty three companies!

In 2011 alone General Motors developed a whopping one
thousand one hundred twenty three U.S. patents. The patents were for
amazing new products in the fields of global product engineering, global
powertrain engineering, global research engineering, and global
research and development of OnStar organizations.

“We are in the
midst of redefining the automotive DNA, and these efforts are driving
our people to reinvent every subsystem on the vehicle” said Alan Taub,
GM vice president of Global Research and Development. “Being the
recognized leader in innovation is important, because it tells our
customers and shareholders that we are working on the leading edge of

Some of the recent patents that General Motors is
really excited about unveiling are quiet brakes, OnStar Voice
Recognition, and eAssist thermal management. The quiet brakes use a
friction-damped disc brake which can absorb the vibrations of the
stopping motion, thereby muting the unpleasant sound often heard when
one hits the brakes. General Motors hopes to make this technology
available in some of their vehicles within two to three years.

new OnStar technology will be useful to maximize the cabin space when
trying to understand commands from the driver. The OnStar computer
program can take commands through voice recognition so that the driver
can have their hands on the wheel, and now the voice recognition
software will be able to detect a voice from anywhere within the vehicle
and adjust the microphone to respond to commands that are specific to
the location of the speaker within the vehicle.

General Motors is
especially proud of their work on the eAssist thermal management
technology. This patent will allow the occupants in a vehicle to
experience optimal comfort levels during periods of time in which the
engine has shut off and is relying on stored power. The new technology
also tells the vehicle not to shut off the engine during extreme heat
and extremely cold environments, so that the occupants will not
experience the weather discomfort during a drive.

General Motors is proud to be the leading automotive innovator in America. The GM company is excited to have this label applied to the company’s name and legacy, and they are looking forward to bringing more and more excellent new technology to their customers in the future.