Create Magazines With Ease

Magazines are everywhere and in almost any book stores, at times it even has its own shop that caters to everything magazines. 

Magazines are everywhere and in almost any book store, at times it
even has its own shop that caters to everything magazines.  Making one
your self may seem like a daunting task but in reality when you find
yourself a good magazine printing service you won’t have to worry about anything much.

1. Sticky Magazine Name
You probably have several magazines that you know by heart because it
stuck with you.  You need to find a magazine name that does the same and
lets people easily remember it.  This will also help them look for it
when they remember or even say the right name and share a particular
article they liked in your magazine.  Make it very memorable but still
connected with the main genre of your magazine.

2. Exciting features
Have some exciting stuff going on in your magazine so people would want
to enjoy or read up more on.  Try puzzles or give – a – ways.

3. Find contributors or writers
Yes, you may identify yourself as a good writer but you can’t just be
the only person writing the contents for the entire magazine.  It must
have different perspective from various minds.  Choose people who are
good with creative writing or people who are professionals on a certain
field you would want to focus on.

4. Find people who would want to advertise in your magazine
Look for advertisers that would like to join your venture.  It is wise
to tap companies that are connected to your specific subject like if you
are into dogs look for sponsors who are also connected with canines. 
Avoid as much as possible companies that have very strong adult content,
violence or vices.

5. Interesting pictures
Make sure pictures are connected with your articles or if you want to
highlight a particular picture make sure it has captions underneath. 
Pictures are worth a thousand words so make sure you have the right

6. Create a Layout Make a draft
layout.  Place the pictures and text you want to include in the places
you think it would work.  It is best though to get a designer and let
him or her polish your draft layout.

7. Choose colors
Know more about color psychology and how it affects the psyche or the
person.  Try to pick colors that go well with the type of personalities
your targets may prefer.

8. Put them all together with Binding
However you want to bind them is entirely up to you but the choices
will be coming from your printers.  They should be able to show you the
best forms of biding appropriate for your binding.  There are various
ways to bind some are sewn, stapled or glued together.  Pick the best
that works with your budget and need.

9. Papers
Papers are everything.  They highlight all your works and makes your
printing exceptional so try not to pick the cheap papers over the
midrange or the thicker ones.  The thicker the paper the sturdier it is
for your magazine, remember your magazines are all papers with no boards.

10. Protect them
The only way to protect them is with gloss or what is also called as
lamination.  Make sure all your pages especially your covers are covered
with gloss.  It will protect the entire media without anyone easily
tearing the pages accidentally.

You finally did it, magazine printing is now finished and all you have to do is distribute those magazines! Enjoy!

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